Wellsway (court 1)

23/02/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 16 - Wo)
Lydney VC, Bedminster Volleyball (Brunel) , BVC4

Wellsway (court 2)

23/02/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 17 - Wo)
University of Bath VC, Cardiff VC (Hawks) , Bedminster Volleyball (Colston)

Bedminster Down

23/02/2019 @ 09:15 (fixture no: 23 - Mn)
Cheddar VC, Bedminster Volleyball (Concorde) , Cardiff VC (Panthers) , Cardiff VC (Panthers)


23/02/2019 @ 13:00 (fixture no: 22 - Mn)
University of Bath VC, BVC3 , University of Bristol VC

Development Tournament 2 (07/03/2015)


The Second 2014-15 Bristol & District Volleyball Association Development Tournament took place on the 7th March 2015 at Brislington Enterprise College (BEC), Bristol. Places were limited to 12 teams with quite a number who wanted to enter being turned away. On the day there were some notable first timers, with it being the first ever games for Bristol Metropolitan Academy & Cardiff Hawks. Everybody entered into the spirit of the day by giving valuable experience to beginners. This also included the refereeing with complete beginners taking to the referee stand & being guided by more experienced referees. This really was fantastic to see & and really positive use of the day.

Final Positions

  Division One Division Two Division Three
1st Tiptop 1 UoB 2nd Team (Men) (Dev) Bemi VC (Bristol) (Dev)
2nd Tiptop 2 UoB 2nd Team (Women) Blue UoB 2nd Team (women) Red
3rd Tiptop 2 Volleywood Bristol Metropolitan Academy
4th Cheddar VC UoB 2nd Team (Women) Yellow Cardiff Hawks