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Development Tournament 1 (11/10/2014)



Match No. Team 1 Score VS Team 2 Score
M1 Clutton Village A 36 VS Bemi VC (Dev) 16
M2 Cheddar VC 31 VS Clutton Village B 23
M3 Clutton Village A 16 VS Volleywood 35
M4 Cheddar VC 18 VS Horfield Hornets VC 22
M5 Bemi VC (Dev) 11 VS Volleywood 33
M6 Clutton Village B 13 VS Horfield Hornets VC 41
M7 Clutton Village A 26 VS Cheddar VC 28
M8 Clutton Village B 23 VS Bemi VC (Dev) 31
M9 Horfield Hornets VC 25 VS Volleywood 25
M10 Clutton Village B 22 VS Clutton Village A 31
M11 Bemi VC (Dev) 14 VS Cheddar VC 32
M12 Clutton Village B 12 VS Volleywood 38
M13 Volleywood 24 VS Cheddar VC 23
M14 Bemi VC (Dev) 14 VS Horfield Hornets VC 35
M15 Clutton Village A 23 VS Horfield Hornets VC 26
Semi 1 Clutton Village A 18 VS Volleywood 34
Semi 2 Horfield Hornets VC 25 VS Cheddar VC 21
5th/6th PO Bemi VC (Dev) 26 VS Clutton Village B 31
3rd/4th PO Clutton Village A 27 VS Cheddar VC 30
Final Volleywood 20 VS Horfield Hornets VC 26



The First Development B&D Development Tournament of the season was held at Bath University on the 11th October 2014. Six teams entered with many being complete beginners & two new sides In Clutton Village B & Cheddar VC. The Games were fast & furious with a round robin involving all teams. It was also great to see complete beginners have ago at refereeing & everybody respecting them having a go. The two Semi-finals were between Clutton Village A vs Volleywood & Horfield Hornets VC vs Cheddar VC with Horfield Hornets & Volleywood winning through to the final. The final was a re-run of the tightest group match of the day ending up drawn. However in the final Horfield Hornets held their nerve running out eventual winners 26-20.

Final Positions:

  • Winners: Horfield Hornets VC
  • Runners-up: Volleywood
  • 3rd Cheddar VC
  • 4th Clutton Village A
  • 5th Clutton Village B
  • 6th Bemi VC (Dev)