Wellsway (court 1)

23/03/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 27 - Mn)
University of Bath VC, UWE VC 1st , Cardiff VC (Panthers) , BVC3 , Cheddar VC , UWE VC 2nd

Wellsway (court 2)

23/03/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 28 - Mn)
UWE VC 2nd, BVC3 , Cheddar VC , UWE VC 1st , University of Bath VC , Cardiff VC (Panthers)

Bedminster Down

23/03/2019 @ 09:15 (fixture no: 22 - Wo)
Lydney VC, Bedminster Volleyball (Colston) , UWE VC


23/03/2019 @ 09:15 (fixture no: 24 - Wo)
Cheddar VC, BVC4 , Cardiff VC (Hawks)

Women's League - Match Day 5 of 5 - 28/03/2015


For the final day of the season. We only had eight teams entered. This allowed a change of format with the matches to be a two set format with the a points add back if it was one set each. This proved to have little effect as only 4No. of the 28No. games had to be settled in this manner. The team of the day was Bristol University 1st team who (just) came through the day with a 100% record. In second place on the day was volleymates which allowed them to be crowned Champions over the five tournaments. The runners up spot going to Bristol University 1st team to be runners-up.

The results attached.

Development Tournament 2 (07/03/2015)


The Second 2014-15 Bristol & District Volleyball Association Development Tournament took place on the 7th March 2015 at Brislington Enterprise College (BEC), Bristol. Places were limited to 12 teams with quite a number who wanted to enter being turned away. On the day there were some notable first timers, with it being the first ever games for Bristol Metropolitan Academy & Cardiff Hawks. Everybody entered into the spirit of the day by giving valuable experience to beginners. This also included the refereeing with complete beginners taking to the referee stand & being guided by more experienced referees. This really was fantastic to see & and really positive use of the day.

Final Positions

  Division One Division Two Division Three
1st Tiptop 1 UoB 2nd Team (Men) (Dev) Bemi VC (Bristol) (Dev)
2nd Tiptop 2 UoB 2nd Team (Women) Blue UoB 2nd Team (women) Red
3rd Tiptop 2 Volleywood Bristol Metropolitan Academy
4th Cheddar VC UoB 2nd Team (Women) Yellow Cardiff Hawks

Women's League - Match Day 4 of 5 - 28/02/2015


With a whopping 13 teams entered into tournament number four it meant that a number of the key sides avoided each other. However it was team SW U16 that came through the day unscathed closely followed by Cardiff Falcons & Volleymates with one defeat each. This was a significant for volleymates as they took over the top of the table with going into the final match day knowing that it was their title to lose.

The results attached.

Development Tournament 1 (11/10/2014)



Match No. Team 1 Score VS Team 2 Score
M1 Clutton Village A 36 VS Bemi VC (Dev) 16
M2 Cheddar VC 31 VS Clutton Village B 23
M3 Clutton Village A 16 VS Volleywood 35
M4 Cheddar VC 18 VS Horfield Hornets VC 22
M5 Bemi VC (Dev) 11 VS Volleywood 33
M6 Clutton Village B 13 VS Horfield Hornets VC 41
M7 Clutton Village A 26 VS Cheddar VC 28
M8 Clutton Village B 23 VS Bemi VC (Dev) 31
M9 Horfield Hornets VC 25 VS Volleywood 25
M10 Clutton Village B 22 VS Clutton Village A 31
M11 Bemi VC (Dev) 14 VS Cheddar VC 32
M12 Clutton Village B 12 VS Volleywood 38
M13 Volleywood 24 VS Cheddar VC 23
M14 Bemi VC (Dev) 14 VS Horfield Hornets VC 35
M15 Clutton Village A 23 VS Horfield Hornets VC 26
Semi 1 Clutton Village A 18 VS Volleywood 34
Semi 2 Horfield Hornets VC 25 VS Cheddar VC 21
5th/6th PO Bemi VC (Dev) 26 VS Clutton Village B 31
3rd/4th PO Clutton Village A 27 VS Cheddar VC 30
Final Volleywood 20 VS Horfield Hornets VC 26



Women's League - Match Day 3 of 5 - 10/01/2015


With it being exam season & many still away because of the Christmas break numbers were expected to be down from previous rounds. However impressively we had 11 teams on the day. Credit must go to Bristol University who for the third event running fielded four teams. The day belonged to guest side Torexe VC who won all eight of their games closely followed by volleymates who won seven. The team that benefited most from the absence of UWE VC on the day was Hornets who despite having a very mixed day went top of the table by the tightest of margins VERY closely followed by UoB 1st XII, Volleymates & Bemi VC. All set up very nicely for round 4 on the 28th of February!

The results attached.