Wellsway (court 1)

23/02/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 16 - Wo)
Lydney VC, Bedminster Volleyball (Brunel) , BVC4

Wellsway (court 2)

23/02/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 17 - Wo)
University of Bath VC, Cardiff VC (Hawks) , Bedminster Volleyball (Colston)

Bedminster Down

23/02/2019 @ 09:15 (fixture no: 23 - Mn)
Cheddar VC, Bedminster Volleyball (Concorde) , Cardiff VC (Panthers) , Cardiff VC (Panthers)


23/02/2019 @ 13:00 (fixture no: 22 - Mn)
University of Bath VC, BVC3 , University of Bristol VC

Women's Tournaments


W 0. Objectives

W 0.1. The key objective of the 5No. Women's tournaments is to have a competative format that allows teams to play games & build towards a proper league format in future seasons.

W 1. Game Characteristics

W 1.1. All Bristol & District League Matches shall be played to Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) Rules ( However the following exceptions to the rules set out in this document apply.

W 1.2. All Games will be played in a tournament format & are 'possibly' to be timed games.

W 2. Playing Format

W 2.1. Match format will be determined by the number of entry's and will adjusted by the event organiser & could be different from event to event.

W 2.2. At the end of the match teams have 3 minutes to return the scoresheet (winning team) and to get onto court for the next match. Each match will start promptly 3 minutes after the end of the previous match

W 2.3. All games shall be played on a women's height net.

W 3. Regular Interruptions

W 3.1. Teams can make substitutions through the game and if they wish can make “rolling substitutions” at change of service – but substitutions must not delay the match.

W 3.2. There are no timeouts (due to the short matches).

W 4. Eligibility

W 4.1. In all women's tournaments each team may play a female player or junior boy of any standard. However, teams are reminded that this is local league & strongly encouraged to structure their teams accordingly.

W 4.2. To play in the womens tournament you must be:

W 4.2.1. A Boy aged 15 or under on the day of the event.

W 5. Equipment

W 5.1. Teams are encouraged to play games if possible in matching kit.

W 5.2. Teams are expect to bring to a match:

W 5.2.1. Two Whistles

W 5.2.2. A working Pen

W 5.2.3. Please bring your own match ball and warm up balls

W 6. Results

W 6.1. The five womans tournaments will be organised so that their is NO overall winner at each event. This is to try & encourage each team to try & attend as many tournament day as possible with an overall winner for the five events. Total 'season' results will be accrued on a percentage basis over the five events.