Wellsway (court 1)

23/02/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 16 - Wo)
Lydney VC, Bedminster Volleyball (Brunel) , BVC4

Wellsway (court 2)

23/02/2019 @ 13:45 (fixture no: 17 - Wo)
University of Bath VC, Cardiff VC (Hawks) , Bedminster Volleyball (Colston)

Bedminster Down

23/02/2019 @ 09:15 (fixture no: 23 - Mn)
Cheddar VC, Bedminster Volleyball (Concorde) , Cardiff VC (Panthers) , Cardiff VC (Panthers)


23/02/2019 @ 13:00 (fixture no: 22 - Mn)
University of Bath VC, BVC3 , University of Bristol VC

Development Tournaments


DV 0. Objectives

DV 0.1. The key objective of the 2No. Development tournaments is to have a 'slightly' competative format that complete beginners or inexperaniced players can gain a foundation for the game.

DV 1. Game Characteristics

DV 1.1. All Bristol & District League Matches shall be played to Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) Rules ( However the following exceptions to the rules set out in this document apply.

DV 1.2. All Games will be played in a tournament format & are more than likley to be timed games.

DV 2. Playing Format

DV 2.1. Matches will be timed and will start and end with a hooter and will be of a lengh determined by the tournament organiser on the day.

DV 2.2. At the end of the match teams have 3 minutes to return the scoresheet (winning team) and to get onto court for the next match. Each match will start promptly 3 minutes after the end of the previous match

DV 2.3. When the hooter goes the match ends – do not play out that point.

DV 2.4. All games shall be played on a men's height net.

DV 3. Regular Interruptions

DV 3.1. Teams can make substitutions through the game and if they wish can make “rolling substitutions” at change of service – but substitutions must not delay the match.

DV 3.2. There are no timeouts (due to the short matches)

DV 4. Eligibility

DV 4.1. In all Development tournaments each team may play a player of any standard. However, teams are strongly encouraged not to play strong players other than to help 'hold team shape' or assit with on court coaching / team development.

DV 5. Equipment

DV 5.1. Teams are encouraged to play games if possible in matching kit.

DV 5.2. Teams are expect to bring to a match:

DV 5.2.1. Two Whistles

DV 5.2.2. A working Pen

DV 5.2.3. Please bring your own match ball and warm up balls.

DV 6. Results

DV 6.1. The two development tournaments will be organised so that their is an overall winner on each for each event with a small prise for the winning team(s).